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Welcome to Northwest Pilot Car Services

Serving All of Canada and Alaska, based out of Kamloops, BC, we offer Prompt, courteous, reliable service at reasonable rates!

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The Premier Pilot Escort Service for Oversize Loads in Canada

Northwest Pilot Car Services provides Escort Services for Specialized Fleets of Oversize Loads & Heavy Haul Transportation in Canada and Alaska. We have the most professional, dependable and certified Nationwide Pilot Cars / Escort Car services for any oversized load regardless of the dimension, serving British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, Alaska and all nearby areas within Canada.

Our drivers are trained professionals who specialize in driving Nationwide Pilot Cars or Escort Vehicles. We work with Oversize Truckloads and make sure that each truck reaches its destination safely. All of our Pilot Trucks are equipped with VHF and CB radios including Handheld VHF in order to mention any abnormalities that may arise. That allows the pilot car driver to tell the trucker if there are accidents, traffic backups, or any other situations requiring attention.

There is no trip too long for us - We travel day and night, (Night Travel depends on regulations for each Province where applicable ) making sure your loads arrive on time. We take the stress of your shoulders when it comes to oversize hauls and needs. Have your shipment escorted across the country on time. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing your load will arrive at your destination safely and properly. Our extensive knowledge of trucks and the permits necessary to move these loads throughout the Canada & Western US. We can help you get your loads to their destination safely, on time and with no hassle. Our drivers specialize in safely flagging, escorting, or piloting your oversize loads or mobile homes throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon and Alaska.

With Northwest Pilot Car Services, we take the heavy haul planning off your hands and apply our many years of expertise and experience to the successful piloting of your over dimensional load. You can rely on us to Pilot/Escort your heavy equipment safely and reliably, while maintaining competitive rates and top-notch customer service. Serving Western Canada to Quebec, we offer prompt, courteous, reliable service at reasonable rates. For any oversize load & heavy haul transportation needs, call us today! Serving cities in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon and Alaska.

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